Diary of a South Sudanese child

Bullets!Haha yes GUNSHOTS!Well that’s like an alarm tone to a South Sudanese citizen or a South Sudanese resident,
No they don’t like it,society got them used to it.

They talk about love but this people don’t know what love is because they don’t even show it.
The youth are always hoping things would change, but they don’t have a say.Actually one would rather not talk since the rate at which bullets fly past the areas can’t be weighed on a scale of 1-100.

Our parents already have the parliamentary seats,businesses,good lifestyles all they think about is themselves and there children but what about the children’s children? Will they run forever?

It’s so sad thinking about the number of lives lost.Can’t anything be done to save my people?We are tired of being too dependent. Parents are scared of having their families back there since it’s not that safe.

Each of them are tired of war!Corruption!Crying!Death!So many out there wish they should change the situation.I,each of us want to have a normal life when we go back home.The yearning and anticipation for peace.

Diary of a South Sudanese child!


2 comments on “Diary of a South Sudanese child

  1. I wish peace to all the children in South Sudanese and all over the world. We have the ability, technology and power to save every child in the world. What we lack is the will-power to both save the children and stop the wars and destruction. So sad.

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