Another One ❤

6:53 PM
She knelt down to thank God for the gift of life with hopes for a better day. She stood up with her little belongings on her head and her beautiful baby strapped on her back, to continue the run that had become the centre of her life. As dusk approached she didn’t know where she would spend the night but she had to find a place before the sun set. As she lied down on an empty stomach in a ruined house,she prayed and hoped to make the best out of her meager earnings so she and her child could survive in the midst of hardships.

She comes from the Republic of South Sudan where she has endured difficulties more than she ever thought she would.
Despite all the hardships,she continues to bear priceless smiles and kindness. She remains optimistic that things will get better and all she needs is an enduring spirit.

May God bless the parents and families that strive to create a better future for their children and loved ones through the good times and bad times.

God bless my nation.

Diary of a South Sudanese Child.



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