Is it all for nothing ?

You are wondering if you should express your views ?
You are wondering if you should give your opinion ?
You are wondering if they are eager to know or hear what you feel?
But wait!
Will it even matter ? Will it create any impact ?
Will it achieve what you expected it to ?
Do they have the same feeling ? Do you share the same thoughts with the others ?
Will they care ? Or will it be thought of as just another moped child ?
Will it reach out to them?
No wait!
Do you even know what you want ? What they want? Who is them ?
Are you sure of what’s happening ?
Are your claims factual,false or perhaps lack evidence ?
Are you sure you’re opinion is not anger-based ?
Is it not for your own advantage ?
But then
You don’t know what they want.
You just felt like what you felt would be right.
Yes you have experienced first hand situation once or  twice , but is it enough compared to the ones who spend 365/364 days ?
Their are this very many questions , they are a limitation to our thinking.
But you are still a child South Sudan.
May not be by birth,but by belonging and a whole part of you.
Express yourself,let them have the freedom to interpret it in whatever way they think best.
It is a beautiful nation , with beautiful people.
God bless South Sudan.



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