Dipped in Pigment🖤


I grew up loving Barbie dolls

I grew up praying that when I’d grow up, I would become rich enough to get my hair fixed so it’s as long and as blonde as Barbie’s
I wanted to be able to flip it and comb it all the way down
I didn’t know about beauty standards.
 I didn’t even know it was defined in skin tones.
 I just knew everybody was beautiful ✨
But as I am growing up
 I get to learn that the “dark skinned” sometimes feel insecure because of their skin tone
The “dark skinned” are being encouraged to love their skin tone
The “dark skinned” are referred to as “Black Beauty”- Apparently, we’ve become a type, even preference now.
It saddens me that some will have to resort to bleaching because they hate their skin tone
Because people made them feel that light is more beautiful (or, the lighter the better)
I remember once walking with a friend whose skin was fairer than mine and a guy went  “Hey Black Beauty!” and we both laughed and asked, “Sasa juu Mimi ushaniita black beauty huyu utamwita brown beauty?” (Now that you’ve called me black beauty, will you call her brown beauty?)  Haha
I’m not complaining
I’m very happy to see all the melanin campaigns, to see people appreciating the “dark skin tone”
I love that I glow under the sun
I glow in the dark
I highlight naturally
I am rare, it is not overcrowded with my skin tone type
All the shade I don’t see negatively, hell Naah it builds me (Bleach for who?)
And it should build you too
Dear Cacao, Chocolate, Deep Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mocha, or Caramel complexion, you are beautiful and I adore you
Whether light, dark, or mixed, there’s only one of you. Don’t waste your time thinking that you’re not good enough. Don’t waste your time thinking that you’re ugly. Don’t waste your time because somebody else is thinking the same thing. If you’re thinking you’re beautiful, you can pass it off to someone else.” –Robin Tavares-Russell

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