Untitled Note

Haha see I wanna talk about marijuana 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not an addict

I can’t even roll a blunt, not yet

But I love the loyalty between a Potter and his Pot

A dealer and his bud (call it whatever😂)

You see when I was young (my parents are staunch Christians) I often was on the pulpit 

Singing songs, memorizing verses Dude you couldn’t outdo me

Right there they told me and gave me a perfect picture of heaven
See a garden full of marijuana(it’s nature) planted alongside bougainvilleas it’s like heaven(the beauty)

The joy that comes along with it is the same as

  1. That sweet feeling when you hit your elbow on an object
  2. That sweet feeling when he hits the right spot

When your intellects are on another level (smart) 😂

Hell, it’s called herb of wisdom

I don’t get why it’s evil, when all they feel is good vibes about it

See there is this ordeal called social media I wanna compare it to

A haven for the cool kids.

Where you get to show emotions that don’t exist

Where you get to say things that you wouldn’t in person

Where people will show you so much love you’ll fall head over heels for yourself over a personality that ain’t yours

This superficial love follows up with depression, anxiety

It makes you anxious

it betrays you if you don’t live up to your social media representation

Well you realise I was all negative about social media, hell ye’ cause people don’t bash it enough like they would bash a stoner

Don’t get me wrong, marijuana users have the same effects to some extent too 

It’s a win-win, they both have benefits and non-benefits

They both get abused to a certain extent

Hell, we’d as well call them both drugs

I know it doesn’t make sense but it does if you read between the lines or choose to see the sense in it🌸

So come on Hypocrite

I’m just trying to make you see how everything in life has a disadvantage and advantage to it

Quit trying to find satisfaction in something else

How you live up to it, is what matters!


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